Max loves CLEVE's treats. I am not sure which one he likes better because I mixed the two flavors together. He goes to his drawer and stands there every day waiting for a treat to come out. I even tried one knowing they are made from organic human grade ingredients. Everything in the Florida Keys is focused on eating organic and whole foods for longevity, so why not that for our dogs?? Whether winter or summer, Max, our 10 year old Jack Russell, needs to be in his best health.


Puck and Henry are test testers all the way from California...for taste results, send more!


"Gracie will do whatever I ask as long as I have a Cleve's Treat for her. She loves the treats and I, of course, feel good about giving her treats that I know are tasty AND safe for her."


My dogs are a huge fans of Cleve's Organic Treats and as a pet owner I can feel good knowing all the ingredients are safe for them so it's a win win. They smell amazing and all I have to do is shake the bag and they come running! We have these treats shipped to us all the way to Alabama that's how much we love these treats ! Thanks so much for making a yummy healthy safe treat Elaine.
 Casse Haycraft

"They are obsessed with the treats!"


Charlotte enjoying Cleve’s treats. My son loves feeding them to her.
I would like to say that Charlotte is a picky eater and she loves both flavors!

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