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I am a dog trainer in Spring City, PA. I wanted to show people that it isn't the Pit Bull that is bad; but, the way that people raise them, often with neglect, abuse and over breeding. It is the people NOT the dog! I looked at the New York City shelters where so many very nice dogs and especially Pitty types are killed and I chose CLEVE. He came to me December 16, 2013. They handed him to me and he turned and "told" me don't talk to me, don't even look at me and don't get too close. That was the beginning of getting to know a wonderfully loyal and gentle-minded dog, CLEVE, as I came to call him.

He is a normal happy dog NOW; but, the problem with CLEVE is that he is incredibly picky about what he eats! This is OK with me because I am a fanatic when it comes to feeding  dogs well! He was not satisfied with any treats that I could buy so I thought about making my own and this is how CLEVE'S Homemade Organic Dog Treats came into being! I worked with a dog nutritionist and formulated my first dog cookie! He thinks these cookies are very, very yummy!  This one, he doesn't let drop on the floor! In addition, they are really good for him! And, so I am proposing my first treat which is the Peanut Butter Cookie! Everything in it benefits the health of a dog!

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