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Why Cleve’s Organic  Dog Treats are DIFFERENT!


We are just Different!  With a capital D! We aren't just "natural" our product is organic, that means real quality control. Our philosophy isn't just to pump out as many treats as possible for profit; and grow as fast as possible. Our philosophy is to give your dog, MY dogs, clean nutritious treats.  We feel that the profits will follow. And this is bearing out to be true!


While most companies add whatever they need to their recipes to get a shelf life of a 12 months to 18 months, we DON'T WANT to do that! While other companies are satisfied to farm their product out for others to make, losing control of the actual quality of their product, we control the whole process from what products we buy, through the baking process. Nor do we make 1000 pound minimums or more, like many dog treat companies.


While other companies will compromise on the product quality; we will not.  We work in small batches that are made when we have a store  or client order so that they arrive fresh and have not already been sitting somewhere for 4 months!


Our treats are made with the health of your dog in mind AND we also want them to be yummy! All the recipes were developed to be nutritionally beneficial to your dog. We feel that CLEVE'S Organic Treats are absolutely the best! The average dog will gobble about 13,000 treats in his lifetime, QUALITY matters! My focus is on quality, quality, quality.

We use USDA Certified Organic, human grade ingredients from human supply chain distributors. Our products have LIMITED INGREDIENTS! There is only about 5 food ingredients in each recipe. Our products contain NO colors, NO chemicals or artificial ingredients, NO preservatives, NO sugar and of course, NO corn, wheat, soy or other grain and are gluten free.  Our treats are made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Our recipes are limited ingredients no more than 5 ingredients! So you know EXACTLY what is in each bag.



MY FIRST IRRESISTIBLE COOKIE IS PEANUT BUTTER/FLAX SEED. Peanut butter is great for your pet. It contains vitamins H and E which will make your dog’s fur shine, and strengthen his immune system. Flax seed is very high in Omega 3's and 6's! 





OUR SECOND REAL CHEESE COOKIE IS PARMESAN CHEDDAR, all organic, human grade, sourced in the USA, no grains, gluten free, nothing artificial or chemical of course, AND of course, like the Peanut Butter treats, it is LIMITED ingredients!  A huge hit with dogs and people alike! Everyone has been taste testing! 

OUR THIRD FLAVOR IS APPLE DANDY a taste already a hit with our friendly canine taste testers. Cinnamon is good for dogs with arthritis or diabetes! Cinnamon is good for your dog's heart since it improves circulation. It has anti ­inflammatory properties which help relieve pain in your dog's joints. Cinnamon also helps regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol levels. It has apple chips in it too and the dogs love the fresh taste!

CLEVE and LUCY, two pit bulls ! Cleve on the left with his best friend Lucy

There actually is a CLEVE!! He was rescued from the rough New York City Shelters.  He is the inspiration for all the treats that I make!  In spite of starting his life in a difficult way; he is extremely picky about what he eats!! I bought many different treats and he turned his nose up at everything, until I decided to make a treat myself to see if I could tempt him... He loved them and that was the start of CLEVE'S Superior Homemade Organic Dog Treats. 

All the treats are made fresh and sent out to order within 48 hours. If an order comes in during the weekend they are sent out the next business day.

Some satisfied clients!

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My dog APOLLO can't get enough of CLEVE'S Organic Dog Treats! As a dog owner, its comforting knowing the treats are made with no flour or preservatives. It is important I know what is in his treats, so I love the fact these are made with love from Elaine and CLEVE.



I have two Great Dane puppies who absolutely love CLEVE'S Organic Dog Treats.  These are my "go to" treats for training and just for fun, because I know my dogs are getting food that's good for them, and they love them.  I also have a mini dachshund who comes running whenever she hears the treat bag open.   I've been working on eating more healthy myself, so its extra rewarding to know I'm giving my pet family treats that are good and nutritious.  I highly recommend CLEVE'S Organic Dog Treats!



PUCK & HENRY are taste testers all the way from California...Their taste results?



"My dog Andy just about knocked me over trying to steal the bag of CLEVE'S Organic Treats out of my hands, it's safe to say he loves them and so do I!". 

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